Fleet Management

Are you new to the Trucking industry and need help with the ends and outs? Do you work a full time job that keeps you from having contact with your driver 24/7/365? Do feel your business could be doing better? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions we are here to serve you. There is a growing demand for Fleet Managers. Small Trucking companies are steadily growing at an increasing rate and we realize that many owners have other responsibilities such as jobs or even other companies. In order to better help our Clients, High Speed Logistics offers a full Fleet Management Program. Having a successful Trucking Company involves more than just good rates and we bring our years of experience together to help manage your business and make it as profitable as possible. 

So you may ask what's included in Fleet Management

  • ELD/Time Management

  • Proper Securement

  • Invoice (factoring)

  • Home-time Management

  • Driver Retention

  • Roadside assistance coordination 

  • Consulting